Angel 3.2
A 2D Game Prototyping Engine
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Actor.h File Reference
#include "../Infrastructure/Renderable.h"
#include "../Infrastructure/Color.h"
#include "../Infrastructure/Interval.h"
#include "../Messaging/Message.h"

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class  Actor
 Basic simulation element for Angel. More...


#define MAX_SPRITE_FRAMES   64


typedef std::vector< Actor * > ActorList
typedef std::set< Actor * > ActorSet


enum  spriteAnimationType { SAT_None, SAT_Loop, SAT_PingPong, SAT_OneShot }
enum  actorDrawShape { ADS_Square, ADS_Circle, ADS_CustomList }

Enumeration Type Documentation

An enumeration for the type of animations that can be given to an Actor.

Definition at line 44 of file Actor.h.

An enumeration for the shape of an Actor when it gets drawn to the screen. Note that at present, circular actors can't use textures.

Definition at line 56 of file Actor.h.