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FullScreenActor Class Reference

An Actor which takes up the whole drawing space. More...

#include <FullScreenActor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FullScreenActor ()
void SetLock (bool locked)
const bool IsLocked ()
virtual void ReceiveMessage (Message *message)
virtual const String GetClassName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Actor
 Actor ()
virtual ~Actor ()
void SetSize (float x, float y=-1.f)
void SetSize (const Vector2 &newSize)
const Vector2GetSize () const
const BoundingBox GetBoundingBox () const
virtual void SetPosition (float x, float y)
virtual void SetPosition (const Vector2 &pos)
const Vector2GetPosition () const
virtual void SetRotation (float rotation)
const float GetRotation () const
void SetColor (float r, float g, float b, float a=1.0f)
void SetColor (const Color &color)
const ColorGetColor () const
void SetAlpha (float newAlpha)
const float GetAlpha () const
virtual void SetDrawShape (actorDrawShape drawShape)
const actorDrawShapeGetDrawShape () const
void UseDisplayList (int listIndex)
void MoveTo (const Vector2 &newPosition, float duration, bool smooth=false, String onCompletionMessage="")
void RotateTo (float newRotation, float duration, bool smooth=false, String onCompletionMessage="")
void ChangeColorTo (const Color &newColor, float duration, bool smooth=false, String onCompletionMessage="")
void ChangeSizeTo (const Vector2 &newSize, float duration, bool smooth=false, String onCompletionMessage="")
void ChangeSizeTo (float newSize, float duration, bool smooth=false, String onCompletionMessage="")
int GetSpriteTexture (int frame=0) const
bool SetSprite (const String &filename, int frame=0, GLint clampmode=GL_CLAMP, GLint filtermode=GL_LINEAR, bool optional=false)
void ClearSpriteInfo ()
void LoadSpriteFrames (const String &firstFilename, GLint clampmode=GL_CLAMP, GLint filtermode=GL_LINEAR)
void PlaySpriteAnimation (float delay, spriteAnimationType animType=SAT_Loop, int startFrame=-1, int endFrame=-1, const char *animName=NULL)
void SetSpriteFrame (int frame)
int GetSpriteFrame () const
const bool IsSpriteAnimPlaying () const
virtual void AnimCallback (String animName)
void SetUVs (const Vector2 &lowleft, const Vector2 &upright)
void GetUVs (Vector2 &lowleft, Vector2 &upright) const
const bool IsTagged (const String &tag)
void Tag (const String &newTag)
void Untag (const String &oldTag)
const StringSet & GetTags () const
const String & SetName (String newName)
const String & GetName () const
void SetLayer (int layerIndex)
void SetLayer (const String &layerName)
virtual void Update (float dt)
virtual void Render ()
virtual void LevelUnloaded ()
ActorGetSelf ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Renderable
 Renderable ()
virtual ~Renderable ()
void Destroy ()
bool IsDestroyed ()
int GetLayer ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Actor
static Actor *const GetNamed (const String &nameLookup)
static ActorCreate (const String &archetype)
static void SetScriptCreatedActor (Actor *a)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Renderable
virtual void PreDestroy ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from Actor
Vector2 _size
Vector2 _position
Color _color
float _rotation
float _UV [8]
actorDrawShape _drawShape
int _spriteCurrentFrame
int _spriteNumFrames
float _spriteFrameDelay
float _spriteCurrentFrameDelay
int _spriteTextureReferences [MAX_SPRITE_FRAMES]
spriteAnimationType _spriteAnimType
int _spriteAnimStartFrame
int _spriteAnimEndFrame
int _spriteAnimDirection
int _displayListIndex
StringSet _tags
String _name
String _currentAnimName
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Actor
static const float _squareVertices []
static float _circleVertices []
static float _circleTextureCoords []
static std::map< String, Actor * > _nameList
static Actor_scriptCreatedActor = NULL

Detailed Description

A FullScreenActor will resize itself whenever the size of the drawing space changes. This makes it useful for backdrops, curtains, splash screens, etc.

Definition at line 39 of file FullScreenActor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FullScreenActor::FullScreenActor ( )

The constructor subscribes the Actor to CameraChange messages and does the initial orientation to the camera.

Definition at line 36 of file FullScreenActor.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void FullScreenActor::SetLock ( bool  locked)

You can lock a FullScreenActor to keep it from tracking the changes to the drawing area or camera. When you unlock it, it will snap back to taking up the whole screen.

lockedwhether or not the FullScreenActor should continue to track camera changes

Definition at line 43 of file FullScreenActor.cpp.

const bool FullScreenActor::IsLocked ( )

To check on the lock status.

whether or not this FullScreenActor is currently tracking the camera

Definition at line 52 of file FullScreenActor.cpp.

void FullScreenActor::ReceiveMessage ( Message message)

An implementation of the MessageListener interface, which listens for CameraChange messages and responds appropriately.

See Also
messageThe message getting delivered.

Reimplemented from Actor.

Definition at line 57 of file FullScreenActor.cpp.

virtual const String FullScreenActor::GetClassName ( ) const

Used by the SetName function to create a basename for this class. Overridden from Actor::GetClassName.

The string "FullScreenActor"

Reimplemented from Actor.

Definition at line 80 of file FullScreenActor.h.

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