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GwenRenderer Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 GwenRenderer (const String &texturePath)
virtual void FinishInit ()
virtual void Begin ()
virtual void End ()
virtual void SetDrawColor (Gwen::Color color)
virtual void DrawFilledRect (Gwen::Rect rect)
virtual void StartClip ()
virtual void EndClip ()
virtual void LoadTexture (Gwen::Texture *pTexture)
virtual void FreeTexture (Gwen::Texture *pTexture)
virtual void DrawTexturedRect (Gwen::Texture *pTexture, Gwen::Rect pTargetRect, float u1=0.0f, float v1=0.0f, float u2=1.0f, float v2=1.0f)
virtual Gwen::Color PixelColour (Gwen::Texture *pTexture, unsigned int x, unsigned int y, const Gwen::Color &col_default=Gwen::Color(255, 255, 255, 255))
virtual void LoadFont (Gwen::Font *pFont)
virtual void FreeFont (Gwen::Font *pFont)
virtual void RenderText (Gwen::Font *pFont, Gwen::Point pos, const Gwen::UnicodeString &text)
virtual Gwen::Point MeasureText (Gwen::Font *pFont, const Gwen::UnicodeString &text)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file GwenRenderer.h.

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