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InputManager Class Reference

(Internal) Handles keyboard input, and mapping controller input to messages More...

#include <InputManager.h>

Public Member Functions

void BindKey (const String &keyId, const String &command)
void UnbindKey (const String &keyId)
bool OnKeyDown (int keyVal)
bool OnKeyUp (int keyVal)
bool IsKeyDown (int keyVal)
void HandleControl (class Controller &controller)

Static Public Member Functions

static InputManagerGetInstance ()
static void Destroy ()

Protected Member Functions

void Initialize ()

Detailed Description

This internal class is used by the engine to take the settings from input_bindings.ini and process all keyboard and controller data.

Unless you're working on the engine itself, the only function in here that matters to you would be InputManager::IsKeyDown.

Definition at line 73 of file InputManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool InputManager::IsKeyDown ( int  keyVal)

Find out whether a key is currently pressed. Can either be passed an individual char or any of the defined values in GL/glfw.h.

keyValThe key value to test for (usually a char)
Whether the user is currently pressing that key.

Definition at line 333 of file InputManager.cpp.

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