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SpatialGraphManager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

bool ReportFixture (b2Fixture *fixture)
SpatialGraphGetGraph ()
void CreateGraph (float entityWidth, const BoundingBox &bounds)
void Render ()
bool GetPath (const Vector2 &source, const Vector2 &dest, Vector2List &path)
bool CanGo (const Vector2 &from, const Vector2 to)
bool IsInPathableSpace (const Vector2 &point)
bool FindNearestNonBlocked (const Vector2 &fromPoint, Vector2 &goTo)
void EnableDrawBounds (bool enable)
const bool ToggleDrawBounds ()
const bool GetDrawBounds ()
void EnableDrawBlocked (bool enable)
const bool ToggleDrawBlocked ()
const bool GetDrawBlocked ()
void EnableDrawGridPoints (bool enable)
const bool ToggleDrawGridPoints ()
const bool GetDrawGridPoints ()
void EnableDrawGraph (bool enable)
const bool ToggleDrawGraph ()
const bool GetDrawGraph ()
void EnableDrawNodeIndex (bool enable)
const bool ToggleDrawNodeIndex ()
const bool GetDrawNodeIndex ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SpatialGraphManagerGetInstance ()

Protected Member Functions

void Initialize ()

Static Protected Attributes

static SpatialGraphManagers_SpatialGraphManager = NULL

Detailed Description

Definition at line 122 of file SpatialGraph.h.

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